Cable Car is available in very few places, and till now, only one commercial cable car service is functional in Nepal.It links Kurintar town of Chitwan district to Manakamana of Gorkha district, and receives a steady flow of tourists primarily from Nepal and nearby areas of India. A gateway to Manakamana Temple, its original purpose was to promote religious tourism, but towards the later days, it is flooded by all sorts of people. Named Manakamana Cable Car, it offers a spectacular view of river Trishuligushing down its basin, along with villages and forest.You can enjoy the cable car ride after a 3 hour trip out of the valley. It is well within the means of Ski Guides Nepal to arrange the ride.

Considering the popularity of cable car in the region, several cable car facilities are on the way of establishment.One is progressively being carried out inside the Kathmandu City, for linking Thankot to Chandragiri Mountain.